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The Lazy Person's Guide to Cleaning Your Apartment

Vacuum before you dust
Believe it or not, your vacuum emits a little bit of dust back into the air when it’s turned on. Vacuum the entire apartment first and let that dust settle on surfaces before you swipe over them with a Swiffer Duster.

Sweep debris from your hard surfaces on to your carpeted surfaces
You can save a step by doing this. Instead of collecting all your kitchen crumbs into a pile and sweeping them into a dust pan, kick it all over to your carpeted surfaces that you plan to vacuum anyway. Do the same for entry or bathroom rugs. Shake them out onto carpeted areas so they can be sucked up quick and easy.

Work your way from the top down
Start with shelves or light fixtures and dust those first. Dust has a way of getting kicked up and redistributed when dusting your home. By starting at the top, it will settle on surfaces below which can be more quickly and easily cleaned.

Remove everything from your shower before you clean it
Yes, this will actually save you time. Lifting and cleaning around your shampoo bottles is not only less effective, it takes double to time to pick it up, spray, grab the sponge and clean the area. Remove everything so you have an empty canvas you can simply wipe and go. Put everything back and you’re done.

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