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Why You Should Switch to Modular Furniture

You’ve likely seen the viral videos on Instagram or Facebook showing murphy beds converting to a couch, or end tables that stretch out to a full-size dining table. Impressive, right? These modular furniture pieces—like the ones you’ll find at Expand Furniture--aren’t just for high-tech enthusiasts or engineers; you can outfit your entire apartment with this furniture for a smarter, cleaner way to live. Here’s why we believe you should ditch the bulky vintage couch and opt for transforming alternatives:

Modular furniture is great for small spaces (duh). Your bed is tucked away, leaning against a wall when you’re not using it. Your desk converts back to a small shelving unit when not in use, and your coffee table can rise to a kitchen table. What saves space more than pieces that disappear when not in use?

They can also help you declutter and live a minimalist lifestyle. When you tuck your bed away each morning, you realize you don’t need those unnecessary throw pillows. You’ll also start to ask yourself if you really need a filing cabinet of papers…because it’s 2019 after all, and you now have a compact little desk for your essential electronics. And you’ll finally decide which of your gadgets are actually worth holding on to when assign a secret drawer (hidden in your coffee table) to them.

The look of them is very sleek and clean—not too busy, which is important if you’re working with smaller spaces. And you have to admit, these things are clever. Kudos to the folks who came up with these concepts and were able to make them functional, easy to use, and smooth.

Given the aforementioned reasons above, it’s not argument that modular furniture is well worth the investment. In addition, it’s not like they have to stay in the apartment when you move. You can take these pieces with you anywhere. Even if you *gasp* buy a home, and you have room for a regular dining table, the convertible side table can still be used…as a side table. The Murphy bed sets perfectly in an office/guest room combo, and that stylish coffee table can still house your belongings.

It’s basically a no-brainer.

What are you waiting for? Impress your friends with transforming furniture. You can have Optimus Prime as a couch!

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